Creamy Northwest Seafood Stew and 2010 Kristian Story Chardonnay “Los Carneros”

Chef Adam Hoffman

There’s nothing better than fresh local ingredients, a chef dedicated to providing that experience in his restaurant, and a creamy Northwest seafood recipe…all paired with an exquisite wine or two.   In 1993, Tim Kovach opened the Sailfish Grill in Monroe, Washington. Chef Adam Hoffman took over in February 2011 after Tim  had run the Sailfish for the past 18 years, opening  the doors to the public as Adam’s Northwest Bistro March 15th 2011.

By way of background, Chef/Owner Adam Hoffman is a graduate of the California Culinary Academy (1991) and the American Culinary Federation Apprenticeship Program. During his apprenticeship he achieved gold and silver medals in National and Regional culinary competitions. He  began his  culinary career at one of Las Vegas’ first 4-star restaurants, Le Montrachet. In Seattle, he worked at Café Juanita, Sunset Club, Assaggio Restaurant, and Figaro Bistro.

Chef Adam shares, “My highest achievement was getting a job at Rover’s. I joined Rover’s in 1999. My specialties include saucier work, classical French methods, wild game, and seafood. I make my own cheese, and create  traditional charcuterie, which is smoked and cured at the restaurant.”  Because  his  menu is based upon seasonal ingredients, he  spends a great deal of time sourcing ingredients from local area farmers and purveyors.

Adam’s Northwest Bistro

Chef is passionate about giving back. “When I’m not learning about new ingredients, I teach culinary techniques to young cooks. I was a Chef Instructor at the Culinary Program at the Art Institute of Seattle. I ran the culinary apprenticeship program at Rover’s for ten years, a rigorous introduction to the world of fine dining for culinary students from around the country.” he also doesn’t mind sharing a recipe with my readers.

I think you’re going to really enjoy the following recipe for Northwest Seafood Stew.  You should be able to find all the ingredients in your local farmers market, better supermarkets like Whole Foods or Bristol Farms, or your local fish store. Like Chef Adam, think and buy locally whenever you can.

2010 Kristian Story Chardonnay

Chef told me, ““I would pair the stew with a richer Chardonnay.” In that case, I  would suggest a 2010 Kristian Story Chardonnay “Los Carneros” $28.  This wine is a blend of four Chardonnay clones and only 336 cases were produced.   It’s on the tropical side of the taste wheel.  The winemaker says this will be at its peak between 2012-2015.  I say drink up now.

For those of you who are ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) drinkers, think about a 2009 Dry Creek DCV3 Sauvignon Blanc, $25 – 100% Sav Blanc. Pineapple fills the glass with pear, kiwi, and a hint of subtle ginger notes. On the palate, the wine is smooth, yet fat with more tropical fruit displaying a crushed minerality and refreshing acidity.  Could be aged 3-5 years.

NORTHWEST SEAFOOD STEW Compliments of Adam’s Northwest  Bistro 104 N. Lewis St.| Monroe, WA 982272|  360-794-4056

Yields 4-6 people / Click Here for Recipe