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Thanks for joining me! You’ve landed on Linda Kissam’s food, wine, and travel Web site. I am the Global Food, Wine and Travel Editor of this blog. I am based out of Southern California.

I am the Vice President for The International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association  www.IFWTWA.org . I have over 15  years in the wine business, both as a writer and a wine publicist. Informative, engaging, swirly and fun…aptly describes me. I travel both domestically and internationally to immerse myself in wine, food and destination experiences.

This blog, my columns in Examiner.com, WineFoodExplorer.com, and my various articles in JetSet Extra.com and BigBlendMagazines.com are based on the experience of wine, food and travel wherever and whenever that might be.

To see all of the articles I have published please go to www.AllInGoodTaste.info.

Please enjoy browsing my Web site…and if you’d like me  to review your winery, wines, wine store, wine dinners, restaurant or event, just drop me an email.

Contact Linda Kissam & friends here:  

Disclosure & Advertisements

My posts and articles are generally positive. When negativity is encounter through products, books, restaurants, hotels, etc., I don’t waste my time giving unwarranted publicity.

I take part in many media trips and often are taken to dinner. I write about what I like and strive to be objective in my evaluations, which reflects in articles featured.

On another note, I do pay for some trips, dinners, products, wine, etc. that I feature. I simply enjoy writing about what I’ve experienced.

I do have some affiliate ads on my blogs. If someone clicks through and purchases, I receive a nominal amount. My affiliate ads are from companies from which I have experienced good service.

If someone I review favorably ever wants to run an ad, I would be delighted. Monetizing my website, without compromising my integrity, is highly desirable AND ethical.

Product Reviews

For product reviews please contact me at the email above.


I will consider advertisements. Please contact me at the email above.

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