Tips for Tasting at a Winery

Tasting at a Winery

Tasting wines  in a winery setting is both fun and educational.  It’s a unique adventure that will deepen your appreciation for the wines served, the terroir they come from,  and the winemaker that crafted the wine.  Look, smell, taste… but there are other questions like when do you tip, how do your order, how much will it cost,  can you say you don’t like a wine …that  also need to be answered.  All of the answers  plus  etiquette tips can be found in my  “Tips for Tasting at a Winery”  video.  You’re going to love this easy to follow instructional guide .  Once you view it, pass it on to friends and family – so everyone can enjoy an afternoon of sheer indulgent pleasure!

Difficulty: Easy

Linda tasting at Thornton Winery

Starring:  Linda Kissam
Camera:  Lisa Smith /
Sound:  Kevin MacLeod /
Produced by:  Nancy Reid /