Quady 2010 Electra Moscato and Quiche Lorraine


2010 Electra Moscato

Quady 2010 Electra Moscato ($ 10 – 14)

‘2011 World Value Wine Challenge-Top 10 Dessert Wine $15 and Under’

There’s an old adage around the wine community that says customer’s, “Talk dry, but buy sweet.”

Most winery tasting rooms will tell you clients come in talking about tasting dry wines, but it’s the sweet ones they walk out with. This makes sense to me. So many of us spent our youth tipping soda and Snapple that the first thing we want in a beverage is  a big pop of flavor when it hits our tongue.  It’s generally later on in the  wine journey that wine lovers seek out the drier whites, reds and rosés.

People who enjoy the sweet life of soda, chocolate and candy are also stepping up to the bar and ordering sweet cocktails. Flavored martinis, spirits mixed with soft drinks or energy drinks, and fruit juice blends are popular cocktail choices. California wine producers have taken note of this and are beginning to produce some outstandingly refreshing, easy-to-drink wines like the Moscato’s.

If you think about it, sweet wines have traditionally been considered the finest wines in the world.  Look at your wine history and you’ll  see that many if not all the first famous wines were sweet.  So it should be no big surprise to hear that the buying public has discovered Moscato. This rich, semi- sweet, sometimes lightly effervescent and often low-alcohol wine is easy to drink, especially for those who grew up drinking sweet beverages.

Dry Chardonnays, Cabernets and Merlots dominate wine sales in the United States but  it seems that Moscato is doing its job… quietly but steadily replacing White Zinfandel.

I want to meet  Quady Winery owner Andrew Quady.  He’s a man after my own heart and tastes. To taste his 2010 Electra Moscato (Electra) , a California Orange Muscat wine (4.5% alcohol)  is to dream of summer, salads and spa time.  I tasted it last night with dinner (Quiche Lorraine)  and was impressed. Expect attractive orange creamsickle, pear, and buttery nuttty brittle aromas. On the tongue enjoy the softly effervescent fruitiness, a medium body and a spicy sweet honey citrus and spice finish. This wine is multifaceted and flavorful. It’s so much more than just another sweet wine. Should be served well chilled or even over ice.

As you might expect Electra goes with summer fruits (strawberries, nectarines, peaches, melons), but I think the real essence of what this wine has to offer is pairing it with lunch or dinner entrees such as spring and summer salads, Quiche Lorraine (See recipe here)  spicy Asian hors d’oeuvres, Pad Thai, and Indian foods. .   It is amazing with egg based dishes and salsa.  Take it out for a night on the patio for star gazing, fresh air and light desserts… or mix it up in a cocktail (see below).  This is summer living at its best.

“Martini Becomes Electra” Recipe

Simply combine 2 ounces Absolut Vodka, .75 ounce Grand Marnier, .75 ounces Quady Electra, and 2 orange wheels shaken and strained and Wohoo!