Wine and Relaxation in Lincoln, California

Wine and Relaxation in Lincoln, California
A beautiful wine producing region perfect for weekend getaways

By: Stacy Pollard

California is famous for world-class wines, but most of the famous vineyards and wineries are located in Napa Valley. In case you’re unfamiliar with the geography of the state, this is a region just north of San Francisco and west of Sacramento, near the Pacific coast. It’s packed with beautiful wine producing regions, most of which are perfect for weekend getaways.

But California’s reputation for wine doesn’t come exclusively from Napa Valley. There are other areas around the state that produce fantastic wine as well. One happens to be quite close by, on the other side of Sacramento and slightly to the north. Below we’ll cover why the town of Lincoln, generally overlooked by wine tourists, can make for a relaxing and satisfying California vacation.

Wise Villa Winery

Because it’s not technically in the Napa Valley region, you may never have heard of the Wise Villa Winery. Nevertheless, it’s among the elite in California. At the 2015 state fair it was awarded the number one winery in California, which is a prestigious honor. You’ll get to try some wonderful wines, but it’s also a beautiful place to visit. Live music events are common at the winery, and the on-site bistro is a wonderful place to dine as you enjoy local foods paired with the wine.

Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Fans of casino gaming in the U.S. still need to seek out real, legal venues. While online options have expanded, many of them are based in the UK, or elsewhere abroad, where they offer a variety of games including slots, blackjack, and more. Playing real money games online in the U.S. is still prohibited in most states. That makes a venue like Thunder Valley a legitimate reason to travel, and in this case it just enhances the enjoyment of a wine-centric getaway. This is a bona fide casino resort, complete with slots, table games, and various additional sources of entertainment.

Folsom Lake

This is a large lake within driving distance of Lincoln, and makes for a nice day out if you happen to be traveling with the family. The lake has dealt with drought conditions in the last year, but it’s still a terrific place to relax. You can get out on a boat, hike alongside the lake, or even do some recreational horseback riding (a terrific option if your kids are with you). It’s a nice way to break up a long weekend if most of the rest of your time is spent at Wise Villa.

Turkey Creek Golf

It’s almost a side benefit to California wine country that there tend to be beautiful golf courses nearby a lot of great wineries. Such is the case at Wise Villa, with the Turkey Creek Golf Club also just a short drive away. It’s a lush, picturesque course where you can either sign up for a tee time at your own leisure, or secure a lesson to improve your game.

Add up these different attractions, and you get a very relaxing and enjoyable vacation to a town not that many people talk about. You may want to keep Lincoln on your list!

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