Unique Cooking Classes available at The Wine Artist

Unique and Memorable Cooking Classes available at
The Wine Artist
Orange County, CA

Article by Linda Kissam
Photos by Allan Kissam

Treating yourself to a great meal at a local restaurant is something we all like to do.

But what if you also want to have a few go-to meals you can prepare at home from scratch? A cooking class is often cheaper, probably healthier, and ultimately gives you a chance to show off your kitchen skills to your friends, family and significant other.

Todd Montgomery


Local cooking classes can teach you the basics, while providing you with impressive recipes to add to your arsenal. It is also a unique venue to do a corporate or team building event.

Linda M & Susan M


If you’ve been looking for a fun, relaxed, affordable cooking class to attend, I have one to recommend to you, The Wine Artist in Orange County, California.

Owner/Chef MJ Hong

I was just there to take a class on New Orleans style cooking and do some team building with a food wine and travel association  I am associated with. I’ve also taken an Iron Chef Competition Class and an Asian inspired cooking class.  As you can read, I’ve been there, done that, ready to go back again!

A watchful MJ


Things I had to consider when I arranged my last cooking class.  How many of the eight people had no skills to speak of? How many were already gourmet cooks? Would the newbies be overwhelmed?  Would the gifted ones be bored? Would the rebels declare themselves non participating? Would the owner give us time to do a small presentation of our own? Could we afford it?

No worries, owner/chef MJ Hong had it handled. Nothing is too much or too little for her. Creativity and affordability is her signature and forte. Just sit down with her, create the cooking event of your dreams, or go to her website to join in one of several cooking class offerings. She is a splendid instructor.  No one student or group is beyond her mentoring.  She keeps a watchful eye on those who need more help letting the more outgoing and talented ones to proceed with a small amount of guidance. She is also is VERY good at getting the self proclaimed non-participators …participating.

As background, The Wine Artist is a boutique winery that specializes in corporate events, private parties & custom labeled wine. The over 2,500 square feet elegantly decorated Tuscan winery is perfect for hosting private parties, team building, birthday parties, fund raising and charity events.  Beyond cooking participants can incorporate wine tasting, and bottling a personalized wine. Who knew there was such a jewel in the great OC.

The Wine Artist has a plethora of options which I’ve broken down into three categories for your consideration: Ongoing (multiple classes per month), special events, and workshops/private classes. Prepare to unleash your inner chef and have a blast while learning something new.

Tom Plant


Bon appétit!

Monthly: Of course the classes change monthly, but check out the calendar of offerings at http://www.thewineartist.com/calendar/. Some of my favorites are Healthy Keto ($79), Fermented Foods Workshop $85 and Taste of Thailand $79.  Ya know, a gift certificate would be a great idea for a birthday or holiday present.

Engagement Parties

Special Events: Private Cooking Class for Bridal Shower, Bachelor Party, Engagement Party or Bachelorette Party. Think Girls Night Out, Celebration of Life, Reunions, Tea Party or an Anniversary Party.

Corporate Events: Invigorate your work team with a fun, interactive team building event. Enjoy wine and lunch/dinner then participate in an interactive wine bottling activity with your company logo or include a fun iron chef style competition.

My favorite is the Iron Chef Competition: For groups of 15-30.  Groups split into 2 teams to plan, cook and present an appetizer or dessert with a secret ingredient.  If you have a group who is highly competitive, this is the activity for you! There is a secret twist at the end that will amaze you.

For cooking classes or Iron Chef Competitions, The Wine Artist also provides a video slideshow to remember your event.

If you’ve been thinking about taking or organizing a cooking class, but don’t know if it’s worth it, I can assure you this place is all about authenticity and affordability. Keep in mind whether the name of your most cooked meals have the words “hamburger” or “helper” in it or you’re a gourmet home chef, The Wine Artist is right up your alley.

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The Wine Artist
21064 Bake Parkway, Ste. 100
(Bake Pkwy & Cape May)
Lake Forest, CA 92630

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