Sweet Dixie Kitchen Wows in Long Beach, CA

Sweet Dixie Kitchen wows
in Long Beach, CA
Wake up and smell the goodness

Article by Linda Kissam
Photographs by Allan Kissam

Breakfast is a hallowed time of the day. It kick-starts our metabolisms, satisfies our morning hunger pangs, and sets the tone for the rest of the day. America loves this meal and is happy to eat it at any time. I have a special recommendation for you.

While some breakfast places are more on the regular side (eggs, bacon, toast), Sweet Dixie Kitchen turns breakfast in to more of a brunch feeling. It really takes on a whole new level of importance for those looking for not only great food, but experiential dining. In other words, when you approach this eatery on the corner of 3rd and Elm streets in the Arts District in Long Beach, CA, you know you’ve come to someplace special.

The chef/owner, Kim Sanchez has put her personal stamp throughout the hip trendy restaurant.  From her colorful cowboy boats to the eclectic furnishings, to the positive signage announcing health, love and well-being for all who dine (inside or patio) there, diners feel positive vibes from entrance to exit.

Owner Kim Sanchez

Kim is in the kitchen daily preparing some of the best breakfast food in Long Beach.  She’s greeting people with a friendly hi and wave from the kitchen She even waits tables when the crowds begin to arrive. She says, “When you’re here, you’re family.”  I get that.  You will too.

Kim serves up delicious creations


The menu is built around a Southern style of cooking. Those of you who love grits, biscuits and gravy will have found nirvana.  Those who prefer a more traditional breakfast/brunch will find it here as well.  The dishes are beautifully presented.  A very creative beverage menu is also a treat. Beer, cider and special fresh-made lemonades top the list for me. Such care and creativity is somewhat of a lost art for an affordable breakfast. Prices are in the $12 -14 range for a full breakfast. Pastry, Biscuit and Biscuits and Gravy Samplers are generous and memorable.

Fresh Made Lemonade Creations


Cuurently there are 12 lavish Biscuit Shack Break Sandwiches to choose from. “Rebel Girl” and “GoatWitch” call my name. If you’ve come for eggs, there are 13 choices on the Eggs and Such menu.  “The Usual “is for the more tradtional tastes, while “French Market Scramble” is for a more adventurous palate. The Dixie Specials section has 5 creative choices. The “Creole Bake Breakfast” is definitely one to try. And from my favorite A Little Sweeter Section, a choice of “Belgian Waffles” or “Thick Cut French Toast w/ Macarpone Cream” is sure to brighten your day.  The French toast is a favorite of mine. Just the look of it puts me in a good mood.

“Belgian Waffles”


Free off-street parking is available – which is a primo benefit in downtown Long Beach – what more could you want?

“The Usual”


I wouldn’t call this a fast food joint, so do not come with the expectation that you can rush through your meal. You might also find a wait if you come on the weekends. I found my servers to be on point with the vibe of the restaurant. There’s a relaxed feel here, go with it.

I noticed quite a bit of takeout traffic as well. The clientele is varied. Locals and convention goer’s are a large part of the diners.  Eat inside or outside. Come as you are.  Dress is casual. Be prepared to be wowed.


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Author Note:  This writer and guest were hosted by the restaurant owner.  The food and ambiance are outstanding.  No bribes needed here. It’s good food that deserves a positive review. I’ll be back.

Pastry Sampler

Sweet Dixie Kitchen
401 East 3rd Street
Long Beach, CA 90802