Sound Advice on Port Ludlow

Sound Advice
By Linda Kissam

Sound Advice is a travel log of places in and around Seattle, WA, visited by Linda and her husband each summer aboard a 42′ Grand Banks Classic.

Destination: Port Ludlow, Washington
Port Ludlow, the community is located at 47°55′31″N – 122°41′1″W. Port Ludlow, the marina on the water, is located at 47°55′25″N – 122°40′32″W.

IMG_3111 Visiting a destination, from the perspective of a live-aboard boater, is quite different from jumping in a car and touring the town. You just can’t park your 42′ foot boat in front any ‘ol place and order a brew & dog to go. A bit more planning and finesse comes in to play.

Port Ludlow is small but beautiful. Whether you rent a guest slip or anchor out in the cove, it’s a lovely place to just “be.” We like to anchor and if you do too, there are some things to think about. There is plenty to do whether you moor your boat or at anchor.

IMG_26231. The tides are variable, therefore twice a day your boat dances wildly on its anchor. I’m told it is a “figure-eight pattern”.
2. It can be windy, and your boat swings on its anchor.
3. Try to anchor inside the protective hook of land, less rolling and pitching.
4. You can zoom around in your dinghy to explore the beaches and the marina very easily. The water is fairly easy to navigate even with the wind and the tides.
5. The marina store is small but well stocked, including wine, beer, candy, gifts, beach towels, sun tan lotion soda, and condiments.
6. Two restaurants are a short walk from the marina dock.
7. You can rent kayaks at the marina.
IMG_31078. Championship golf for visiting guests mean you can enjoy 18-holes of golf on one of the most beautiful golf courses in the Pacific Northwest.
9. Rent a taxi to get to Port Ludlow’s outdoor Friday Market. It runs from May through September 9. Fun place to relax and browse organic produce, flowers, fish, jewelry, baked goods, paintings, and more. This event is adjacent to small shops and restaurants.
10. Rent a taxi to get to the Shine Tidelands State Park. It is a 13-acre day-use park with 5,000 feet of tideland along Bywater Bay. At high tide, however, there is little beach available to the visitor. Low-tide shellfish-harvesting opportunities are available nearby. Kayaking and windsurfing are popular on the beach.

IMG_3098Stop 1- Port Ludlow

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