Reynolds Family Winery 2007 Stags Leap Reserve Cab

2007 Reynolds Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Stags Leap District

2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserve Stags Leap $89

The artist in you is going to love the label on this wine.  The wine lover in you is going to love the wine in the bottle.

This single vineyard Stags Leap Cabernet Sauvignon showcases big ripe plums and multiple layers of luscious cherry and dark chocolate, all encased in a silky texture truly representative of the Stags Leap District  iron fist in a velvet glove reputation. It’s an  important Cabernet that deserves a place in your  cellar. It hits the mouth with huge tannins that are tight and locked down, yet somehow sweetly ripe. You’ll like the complex blackberry, cherry, currant and mocha flavors. As lovely as it is now , you should hold this Cabernet for a good six years, and it could easily develop for an additional decade.  Yup, it’s that well made.

The hand pressed label bearing a mustard plant from the winery property was the brain child of owners Steve and Suzie Reynolds. They wanted something unique that would complement this special wine.  As long as you’re holding the wine for a few years, it makes a heck of a display bottle or conversation piece in  your collectible section.