Pair It!

Pair It!
By Guest Wine Chix Mary James

There aren’t any specific rules when it comes to matching food and wine because enjoying meals are a matter of personal taste. However, there are certain principles that food and wine experts remember in order to make competent choices when it comes to pairing.

In the past, such principles could only be learned at cooking classes. But thanks to the accessibility of today’s smartphone apps, those who want to discover the basics of food and wine pairing can do so with just a simple download. Everything is easier now because of apps, which seem to be getting a lot of attention from computer developers these days. Perhaps it’s because the app-making business is now a billion-dollar venture, with the company of entertainment hub Spin Genie asserting that mobile gaming alone will be valued at more than $40 billion by the end of 2015, which is why developers are putting more effort in creating apps that people will want to use.

Pair It AppThe Pair It! App is a great companion for pairing food and wine, having over 20,000 expert suggestions to choose from. The app was developed by world-renowned Sonoma Wine Country Chef Bruce Riezenman so users can expect the app’s topics to be really comprehensive.

Each pairing suggested by Chef Riezenman is based on three categories: relative weights, flavor bridges, and elements of taste. Relative weights means finding the correct balance between wine and food (not overpowering one another), while flavor bridges means choosing flavors in the food that mirror the taste of a particular wine. Elements of taste is about choosing wine that further enhances the taste of food.

Each wine that was ever bottled has a dedicated section filled with food pairing options for easier browsing. The app also has a search function so users can just key in food or wine items and the app will automatically suggest different mixes and matches. The app’s knowledge base regularly gets updates so users will always have something new to look forward to.

The Pair It! App is available for both iOS and Android users for $4.99.

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