Inn Above Oak Creek, Sedona, AZ

Inn Above Oak Creek, Sedona, AZ
Expectations Surpassed

Article and photos by guest writer Bobbie (Roberta) Kitto.

First impressions help set expectations.

When my husband and I received an email from the owner of Inn Above Oak Creek located in Sedona, AZ  prior to our arriving at his inn, I was totally surprised. I opened it immediately thinking that something was wrong and our reservations were cancelled. To our surprise, it was a letter thanking us for choosing his inn.  That in itself was an unexpected pleasure, but the added information about Sedona and the surrounding areas was even more welcomed.

The owner explained the changes that were in effect due to the Covid-19 virus at the various eateries and retail shops.  Since a lot of people come to Sedona for the great hiking trails that surround the area he gave us a link to the Federal Parks website telling us what trails were open and what to expect as to facilities along the way. Now, that is an inn owner who knows how to set his guests’ expectations and make sure they have a great stay.

With our expectations set high, we set out on our journey to the Inn Above Oak Creek.  The scenery coming into Sedona is breath taking.  Lots of color from the red rocks and greenery. The people in this area have taken great care that the development in the area does not take away from its beauty.

Sedona, AZ is a magnet for all sorts of people: spiritual healers, mountain bikers, hikers, artists, nature photographers, and even filmmakers. This vibrant area of Arizona’s attracts and accommodates so many different walks of life. It has created and nurtured an eclectic, unique culture unlike anywhere you’ve ever experienced. Sedona is truly one of a kind. Visit Sedona. It will be an experience not easily forgotten.

As we arrived, we were delighted to see how the inn blended into the surrounding area.  We arrived about 3 hours early so our room was not ready, but they did call us while we were out eating. We were in our room two hours early thanks to the staff’s courtesy (living up to the expectations set by that email.)

Our room was beautiful.  It had a king size bed facing the creek for maximum views out of each window. The bed was so comfortable that you might not want to get out of it once you settled in.  We had a small patio that allowed us to feel like we were in the middle of the woods and still had the comfort of being able to get out of nature in an instant if the weather turned bad.

Other amenities included a gas fire place (you got the effect of a log fire anytime you wanted it) and a bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub big for enough two surrounded by marble. The only thing missing was an in room refrigerator and a coffee pot.  All of these are available downstairs in the guest area.  If only there was an elevator to get you and your luggage up to the second floor, this would have been a perfect place.

That having been said, the owner’s and the staff’s attitudes toward their guests more than makes up for no elevator. A solid five stars given here. Prices and availability vary by season. Truly a boutique hotel offering only seven creekside rooms.  Check out their website for more information.

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Author Bobbie Kitto


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