Drawing the best out of affordable wines: The Wine Soirée


Today I bring you the ideal accessory for drawing the best out of affordable wines. A neat little gadget called the  Soirée can instantly and affordably improve the taste profile of reasonably priced red wines. Yes, really.

Red wines need to breathe after being uncorked in order to fully develop their character. Most wine aficionados own a decanter to coax the wine into revealing its very best self. However decanters – as pretty as they usually are – can take up to an hour to aerate wine. This is what makes the Wine Soirée, a bottle-top aerator, such a wonderful invention and an unquestionably perfect gift for the wine enthusiast who wants to have it all. Convenient, light, and portable this handcrafted glass device is designed to accelerate a wine’s oxygen exposure by agitating the wine as its poured into a glass. You can do this for one glass of wine, or a hundred glasses of wine.

The Wine Soirée is secured by plugging its rubber-clad end into an open wine bottle (the aerator also comes with another rubber gasket with three sizes of flanges to fit most bottle sizes). When poured, the bottle’s orientation will affect Soirée’s aeration results; aiming the bottle downward is the most effective as it lets the wine wash around the Soirée’s ball-shaped chamber before entering the wine glass. Since you only pour as much as you want rather than decant an entire bottle, you don’t waste wine. Used correctly this affordable tool helps you get the most out of your $10, $20, $30, bottle of wine. I like it so much I use it on all my red wines regardless of its price as the process of aerating releases more aromas and produce a smoother balance along your palette.

The Soirée is patented to have a one of a kind instant aerating effect, infusing your whole glass with character releasing oxygen. No swirling necessary, no waiting hours for decanting and breathing. The  Soirée claims to fit any bottle of wine with 2 sizes of gaskets.

For more information, visit www.winesoiree.com
Price: About $25 +- /  Available in the Temecula area at Dudley’s, The Wine Company, Wine on a Dime, and Baily Winery