The Divine Reds of Terra d’Oro Winery

The Divine Reds of Terra d’Oro

By Guest Writer Carmen Micheli
A Womens Wine Council Review

Terra d'Oro Deaver Vineyard Zin Wine

I was allowed a moment in heaven enjoying the divine reds of Terra d’Oro this past Wednesday evening with our lovely ladies from Women’s Wine Council.  My absolute darling of the night belonged to the 2007 Deaver Vineyard Zinfandel. Being  “The grandfather of all Zinfandels”, this beauty of a Zin was amazing all on it’s own, but did pair well with Debbie Wiens Roast Beef wrapped asparagus with horseradish cream cheese.  Just a tad spicy with hints of cherry and plum, this Zin was very versatile and held up well not only to savory, bold flavors, but also rich, sweet desserts as well.  My runner up, a 2007 Home Vineyard Zinfandel, was nicely complimented by Corie Maue’s  Flaming Cupcakes.  The finish on this wine was admirably smooth and accented with a nuttiness that made it very interesting on the palate.  Terra d’Oro wines definitely did not disappoint!  Anyone looking for a nice sipping wine, a great gift, or just something different???  Terra d’Oro wines are available at Bev Mo for about $15!!!  So grab a bottle and enjoy!