Healthy Indulgence Recipes

Healthy Indulgence Recipes:
100 revamped , guilt free Recipes to transform your life

By Linda Kissam

Are you ready to stop obsessing over the numbers on your scale, but afraid once you do that those wicked numbers will go up,up,up? Are you tired of tasteless meals that help trim your waistline? Are you looking for diet-friendly versions of your favorite treats and a recipe guru that understands you have reaaaaaaaaaaaal cravings? Are you thinking why, why, why isn’t there good-for-me food (including no-no treats) that is easy to make and yummy-delicious? Well, I think I may have just come across the cookbook for you.

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Sima’s Healthy Indulgence cookbook: 100 revamped guilt free recipes to transform your life is packed with sound baking advice and 100 delicious, tried-and-true recipes from Sima Cohen, the creator of the soul-sizzling, unprocessed easy to make recipes for those who are done with the dieting game.

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I recently attended the book launch and tasting for this book in LA at Melissa’s World Variety Produce. Meeting Sima, it’s soon obvious that this author is madly passionate about her message of transformation done flavorfully and easily. “I am a big fan of simple and flavorful.” “I want to help people from all walks of life with my gift.”  “This is not just a cookbook, this is my baby.” How true. Spend one afternoon with this generous spirited lady and you’ll be hooked too. Go from scale obsession to being inspired to find something that blossoms from within, “… from your pores ending with a lustrous glow that shows all over your transformed self.” Spend some time with this cookbook and you’ll find, “…it’s not just about eating good food and feeding your hungry belly, it’s about discovering who you are, and transforming your body and life from the inside out.”  Not convinced this cookbook is for you?  Read on.

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The proof is in the pudding as the saying goes. I love being inspired, but in the end if this cookbook doesn’t provide a near perfect, life-changing meal plan for me – that I will actually stick to – so what?  I think you can be reasonably assured that what we have here is the ultimate guide to guiltless freedom in the kitchen and on your palate. Come celebrate every day, without any deprivation, compromising counting calories or measuring body fat. After two decades, listening to hours of clients asking for their cake and to eat it too, Sima has figured out the key to satisfaction and goal-line behavior.   Losing weight is the proverbial cherry on top of a mighty good sugar-free Sunday.

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Here’s what you’ll see inside this cookbook:

100 + good for you tasty recipes

The Healthy Indulgence Philosophy – what it is and how to stay on track

Beautiful illustrations

Easy Instructions

Superfood list

Here are a few of my favorite recipes from the book and a recipe for you to try. As Sima told us at her book launch and tasting, “Eat food that you can pronounce.”

Egg Salad Cucumber Cups – pg. 160-161

Party It Up Salad – pg. 112-113

Butternut Squash Soup pg. 100-101

Goddess Salad pg. 107

Chicken Wrap with a Kick pg. 74-75

Powered Up Steak pg. 124-125

Chocolate Dreamy Tart pg. 218-219

So Berry-Coco-Licious pg. 164-165

Limonana pg. 196-197

Elegant Pomegranate pg. 198-199

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Egg Salad Cucumber Cups Recipe

These little “cups” are too adorable to not give a try. They are wonderful as hors d’oeuvres, an after-school snack, or as your post workout bite. The green onions add a strong flavor because they are raw in the recipe but won’t be overpowering. The best things come in small packages, and these little bites come packed with huge flavor!

serves: 6 (makes 24 bites, 4 per serving)

prep: 10 cook: 12 total: 22

nut-free | dairy-free


4 whole hard boiled eggs + 2 egg whites, chopped

¼ cup chopped tarragon

¼ cup mayo (see recipe on page 189)

2 chopped green onions

2 tablespoon chopped dill

pinch of sea salt and black pepper (if you like it spicy, add 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper)

3 large English cucumbers


In a bowl, mix all ingredients except the cucumbers. Peel cucumbers and slice into thick rounds, about 2 inches each; 8 slices each cucumber). With a spoon scoop out the inside of each cucumber slice and arrange on a plate, facing up. Fill each cucumber slice with 1 tablespoon of egg salad.

Note from the author: We’ve broken bread, we are now family.


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Cover photograph by Delaram Pourabdi

Sima’s Healthy Indulgence cookbook
Published:  November 2017
272 pages
Hardcover: About $25
Kindle $14.74

Note:  A courtesy copy of this book was provided to Linda for the purpose of review.

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