What to bring to a wine tasting party

Monks Meadow Sangria Mix

Have you been assigned to bring a dish of “something” or a wine of some type to a wine party?  Want to impress, but your eyes are rolling and your head is spinning from the pressure of how you are going to do that?  I have the answer…and it’s easy.

Monks Meadow & Amelia’s (www.monksmeadow.com) has some amazing party dips and fun recipes  that are going to make you THE wine guy or gal  of the party  – at a very affordable price.  In all, there are about 21 dips, mixes, bread mixes, and spreads to choose from in their FROM THE VINEYARD collection.  ALL have a “wine theme.” All take just a few minutes to prepare.  They are sold online and at better wine stores everywhere. I am telling you, this is a great way to go. The aroma of just the mix will make you drool.  The taste of the finished dish is going to make you smile.

Here’s a review of some of my favorites, but really anything you try is going to be great.

SANGRIA FROSTY FREEZE: Turns ordinary wine into a festival! You can also freeze it for a tasty slushy. One 11 oz pkg will make over one gallon of Sangria. $8.00

ZINFANDEL & RASPBERRIES Dip Mix:  Fold this mixe into one 8 oz. brick of softened cream cheese and wine and let the glowing reviews begin. Serve with sliced, crisp apples, pears, plain crackers or ginger snaps. 3 oz. Pkg. $4.80



CHARDONNAY, GARLIC & CILANTRO WINE CHEESE BALL MIX: Savory mixtures intermingle with cheese and wine to form yummy wonderful cheese balls that this company is  famous for. A jar makes 8 cheese balls. $16.00

WHITE WINE BRUSCHETTA ~ a spread for bread.  Creamy goodness that you will want to slather on your favorite French Breach or crostini.  If you make it with nonfat ingredients you can nosh all you want.

Here’s a great recipe for you.

 Compliments of Monks Meadow

1 2 to 3lb Rump Roast

1 Large Onion (chopped)

1 Can of Condensed  Cream of Mushroom Soup

1 Tablespoon Monk’s  Meadow’s “Southwest Fiesta” Dip Mix

12 Ounces Pepsi Cola

Trim all visible fat from meat  and brown it in a few tablespoons of oil.  Place the roast in a Crock  Pot.  Add remaining ingredients and cook  on low for 8 to 10 hours.Remove roast and slice.  Thicken the gravy using two tablespoons of  flour mixed with ½ cup cold water. Serves 6. Microwave a carton of “Ready  to Serve” mashed potatoes and you’ve got dinner in 15 minutes.

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