The People of Wine- Linda Kissam


Profiled Wine Journalist Linda Kissam: offers profiles of individuals who are near the top of their profession.  Besides a short biography, including formal education and past experiences, we give them a chance to tell their story – what’s important to them as people and as professionals.

Linda Kissam at Rubicon Wine Estate

Linda Kissam is a professional travel, food, wine, and business writer based out of Southern California. Through her persona as (one half of) The Wine Chixs and her Web site, her monthly radio guest spots, and story placements in various tourist and business publications, she reaches thousands of readers/listeners with each article.

She specializes in easy, breezy destination stories sharing her favorite things about the places she visits. As she sips with the winemaker, dines with the chef, or shops with the gift concierge, she dishes out insights on the fabulous, the famous and the unforgettable. Whether riding the rails in Europe, hot air ballooning in Temecula, cruising on the Douro River, or being pampered at luxurious spas and resort, she’s investigating the local buzz to provide her readers with tips on what to buy and what to try.

Linda loves finding and sharing what makes each place she visits so special. Her time spent as a publicist for a well-known wine region taught her it’s the story behind the product and the experience of the place that makes the trip memorable. She never knows if the story will end up being based on finding the perfect latte, ordering Pommes Frites with Parsley Butter in a small French bistro, searching for an Internet cafe in Sicily, or attending a wine seminar aboard a cruise ship.  On occasion, she delves into the business side of tourism and nonprofits, finding out what success looks like and how it arrived. Read more


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