Of Bags & Bellboys

Who are those guys waiting by the hotel front door when you drive up… and what can they do for you? They’re bellboys and they work for the hotel. They’re generally the first people you meet and the last people you see when you leave.

They used to be called by the front desk people. A ring of the bell…and they would “hop” up to help arriving and departing guests. Nowdays they stand by the front door and act as ambassadors.

Bellman serve a variety of roles. They can store your luggage if you arrive early, or carry your bags to/from your room. They will bring you ice, draw your drapes, and explain how your new high tech room works – from sound systems, to fancy bathtubs & showers, to television keypads. More than one has saved me from doing major damage to fancy room equipment! They are also a great souurce of information on local places to go to, eat at, and avoid.

Just so you know…you do tip them. I recommend a standard tip of $2 a bag (payable on the spot, check-in, checkout), and another $2 if they are especially informative and kind. It’s really a small price to pay for not having to struggle with your luggage and getting “insider” information.

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