LDV Winery Showcases its Southeastern Arizona Wines

— guest author Allan D. Kissam

Wine tasting in Scottsdale, AZ, is a well-known upscale destination for locals and tourists. A special stop in the Old Town Scottsdale district is LDV Winery offering wine selections from grapes produced at its southeastern Arizona vineyards. These vineyards and production occupy 40 acres in the heart of the fast growing Arizona wine country.

You can also taste their wines and see how wine grapes grow in Arizona at their vineyard.  It’s a bit of a trek for most, but wine lovers can do tasting at the vineyards. LDV can accommodate groups of up to 15-100 people. The vineyards are located in a remote area, near the top of a Sky Island.

Sky Islands elevation at up to 6,000 feet enables wine grapes to grow in what are one the hottest desert areas of the USA and nearby Mexico. These habitats make wonderful homes for birds, plants, grapes and animals that would not survive on the lower desert elevation.

LDV vineyards, cooled by the 5,000 feet above sea level location and offering the microclimate of hot days, is modified by the 10,000 foot Chiricahua Mountains. This climate is perfect with the volcanic soil to produce the best possible wine grapes.

Nearby the LDV vineyards are other attractions. Western lore fans can see the grave of outlaw Johnny Ringo, rumored to have been left there for the buzzards by Wyatt Earp. This is located approximately 6 miles to the East. Tombstone of shootout fame is 35 miles to the West.

While driving around keep an eye out for a Mexican grizzly bear, also called a silver bear. The bear, smaller than the brown grizzly of northern states, was once resident in the sky island habitats. A victim of extirpation, the last known local bear was shot by a farmer in the 1960’s. The silver bears love eating the wine grapes and survivors may have migrated back into the local area from less populated parts of New Mexico or Mexico.

LDV Wine Tasting

I recently attended a four course food and wine pairing conducted by LDV owner Peggy Fiandaca at the Scottsdale location. I think people will enjoy these wine and food pairings.

2020 Viognier & Thai Noodles


2020 Viognier ($36) by Twisted Union label is made from 100% LDV grapes. Fruit forward, a new taste emerged with each sip. Tropical fruit is in the background and this may be due to the observed pineapple in the nose.
Pairing: Thai Spicy Noodles


2015 Grenache


2015 Genache ($38) has a wonderful dark cherry nose and long smooth  finish. My favorite of the tasting.
Pairing: Shrimp Tostado

2014 Sky Island Petite Sirah & Spicy Red Meatballs


2014 Sky Island Petite Sirah ($32) nose contains a unique hint of Arizona dust with pleasant acidic finish.
Pairing: Spicy Red-Sauce Meatballs

2015 Petite Sirah ($40) taste showcases dark plumb and blackberry on the palate with a definite blackberry finish.
Pairing: Chocolate Brownie

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